Wind power

Eco Whisper, the silent turbine

The wind turbines they are increasingly dominating the territory. We find them on the ridges, along the coasts, even in the middle of the sea and there are new plants under construction every day.

It is a'clean energy…. so why too much controversy about their installation? There are three charges that the white giants have to face on the plane environmental. It is still unclear whether the allegations are based on well-founded grounds but some assume that the wind turbines they have a negative impact on the landscape, they are too noisy and damage the bird life. Unsolvable problems? For nothing! It proves itEco Whisper, the silent wind turbine. With this turbine, what else will the architects of the countryside invent anti-wind?


It is a silent wind turbine very similar to an airplane turbine. There Eco Whisper, tested in Australia, has an automatic mechanism capable of keeping its blades always oriented towards the wind and also has the ability to silently generate 20 kw of electricity (45,000 kw per year).

The structure is 21 meters high and the blades have a diameter of about seven meters. Although the dimensions are very small compared to traditional models, with medium wind it is able to generate 30% more energy than a normal blade turbine, that is, from 18,000 to 32,000 kilowatt hours per year.

It has the ability to withstand winds of up to 190 km / h. In case of violent winds it can be placed in a horizontal position to cushion the impact and this makes cleaning and maintenance easier. The other feature is that theEco Whisperit orients itself in the predominant direction of the wind to obtain the maximum efficiency.

Why silent?
The material used for the construction of the wind turbine is aluminum and this guarantees its silence. Thanks to this feature they can be installed closer to homes


Why doesn't it kill the birds?
There are still doubts about the negative impact that thewind power about birdlife, but there is no doubt, Eco Whisper it is a safe turbine. Its structure was designed to be clearly visible to birds from a long distance and therefore less dangerous. The wind is inexhaustible together with the desire to improve on the renewable.

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