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Legnano celebrated the name day of the earth

A moment of the planting of the memorial tree

When organizations, companies and citizens' associations move together for the environment, it is always something positive. Whether the initiative is large or small, it is therefore good to announce it. Municipality of Legnano, BCC Cooperative Credit Bank of Busto Garolfo and Buguggiate and 15 associations active in the area celebrated the fifth edition of theName day of the earth, an event that was held on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October in the park of the former sanatorium that was part of the Legnanese Assistance Institute ILA.

After the field dinner, the evening of games around the bonfire and the night in the Park, Sunday morning the mayor of Legnano, Alberto Centinaio, and the Board Member of the Cooperative Credit Bank of Busto Garolfo and Buguggiate, Danila Battaglia, attended two important moments: the planting of a tree (the first of a series) and the class award ceremony IV C of the Pascoli school, winner of the first edition of Bosconcorso funded by the Municipality of Legnano and Bcc. The prize, a video projector that will be used in teaching, was given to the teacher Katia Agostini.

In Legnano the attention to green is always alive: in spring the Bosco Ronchi is at the center of Earth birthday, in autumn, however, we dedicate ourselves to the rediscovery and enhancement of the park that belonged to the former Legnanese Assistance Institute, inaugurated in 1923 by the Queen Margherita as a sanatorium wanted (and financed) by workers and industrialists active in the city.

Also for the 2012 edition ofName day of the earth, young and old took part in the cleaning of the park, freeing the plants from the vines and planting 20 new trees. Nests have also been placed that will make life easier for the birds during the coming winter months, and the mayor did his part by climbing a beech tree to hang one of the nests from a branch.

Video: Name Day Stream for Aziz Qu0026A (October 2020).