Wind power

Wind again for France and the United Kingdom

There Vestas is a Danish company that designs, manufactures and markets wind turbines. Among the latest works commissioned to this company is the production of 12 wind turbines intended to be installed in France for the Atrebatie project. 12 o'clock wind turbines they have a capacity of 3MW and V90 and will set up three wind farms. Each park will house four turbines, the entire plant will be located north of Pas-de-Calais and will have a total capacity of 26 MW.


There Vestas will have to provide, install and activate the wind turbines, all this by the first half of 2013. When it comes to wind farms Vestas has an excellent experience. Only at the beginning of October, in addition to the agreement with France, the company undertook to supply 34 wind turbines destined for the Keadby Wind plant, near Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire (United Kingdom). Vestas also took steps to supply France with its floating wind turbines.

The commission from the British front came from Keadby Wind Farm Ltd, which will add the power of the 34 turbines to its 11,300 MW electrical capacity. From the French border, the agreement comes from the company Ostwind, which has ensured the conditions of the plant: the turbines must guarantee a service of at least 10 years accompanied by a maintenance contract. The French company Ostwind International, has wind farms in several European countries, not only France but also Germany and the Czech Republic.


There Vestas has produced and marketed more than 47 thousand wind turbines, thanks to which, every year, there is a net cut of 55 million tons of CO2. The wind turbines distributed by Vestas, they have employed 20,000 people in 70 different countries with at least 250 projects. The next will be those of the United Kingdom and France. While the United Kingdom shows its strong interest in the offshore wind sector, France has a very good relationship with the wind because it was this nation that implemented the first floating wind project in the waters of the Mediterranean.

In the photo, Robin Rigg's offshore wind farm.

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