Energy saving

Sustainability, the bridge between Europe and Uganda

L'European Union launched a project to promote the dissemination of renewable energies in Uganda. The project aims to educate the public about the importance of clean energy sources so as to increase the share of renewable energies used in Uganda.

The project aims to stimulate private sector investments and to spread the use of clean energies between Ugandan inhabitants and local businesses. The head of the European delegation in Uganda is Roberto Ridolfi who comments: "our aim is to make therenewable energy cheaper and more accessible“.

The project provides for tripartite agreements with entrepreneurs and institutions, the common goal is to make renewables more accessible in terms of costs so that they can also be used in rural areas. The European Union has signed the memorandum of understanding with the five companies of renewable energy, most of them operate in thesolar power.

The project is already in the start-up phase in Kenya, has a duration of four years and is expected to be extended to Tanzania. The total cost of the project is 850 thousand euros co-financed by the European Union and a humanitarian agency, People Unlimited. A project necessary to encourage multi-sectoral development in Uganda: it is expected to create strong markets capable of relaunching the local economy. Each company will partner with a financial institution of its choice in order to facilitate the project. The program is aimed at 9,000 families and 1,100 businesses.

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