Separate collection in Milan

There recycling represents a valid solution to preserve and maintain natural resources: differentiating, recycling, reusing, are the prerequisites for preserving a naturally richer environment. Every action we take produces pollution: to read a newspaper or drink an orange juice, you have to print pages, plastic bottles or aluminum cans. Translated and multiplied by all the inhabitants, it would mean millions of trees felled, millions of liters of oil consumed, millions of kg of CO2 released into the atmosphere. With the recyclinginstead, a large part of these resources are saved. Separate collection varies from municipality to municipality… .and a Milan?

Separate collection in Milan. Where do I throw it?
From May 15, 2012, the black bag intended for the collection of the undifferentiated fraction was banned and it was replaced by a transparent bag in order to facilitate the recognition of the type of waste conferred to it.

  • Transparent bag: dirty paper and greaseproof paper, rags, shoes, broken dishes, plastic plates, absorbents, diapers and vacuum cleaner bags, corks. The ceramic is therefore also placed in the transparent bag, but it must first be wrapped in a cloth.
  • Yellow bag: plastic bottles, detergent bottles, bath soaps, polystyrene. Plastic food trays or finished yoghurt jars, intended for the transparent bag, must not be thrown into the yellow bag or bin. If the spray cans are not identified by symbols indicating flammable and dangerous material, they can be thrown into the yellow plastic and metal bag. Otherwise, you need to take them to a Recycling Center.
  • White bin: paper, newspapers, magazines, cartons and cards, tetrapak, egg boxes.
  • Green bin: glass and cans.

Medicines must be thrown away without outer packaging in the bins at pharmacies. All bulky items, including household appliances, must be taken to the recycling shops that you will find on the AMSA website or you can ask for them to be collected. Just call 800-332299.

Where does the workforce go?
A few days ago, the separate collection of the wet fraction of household waste officially started in some fraction southwest of the city. Free delivery of biodegradable baskets and bags is already underway. The actual collection will start from November 26 and by 2014 the collection of wet waste will be extended throughout the city. The waste collection is the last missing piece for the differentiation of waste in a city like Milan, which is very virtuous from the point of view of eco-sustainability.

Separate collection in Milan. App Let's Clean for smartphone
AMSA, the company that manages it waste disposal in Milan, launch the free App PULIamo to download on smartphones and tablets. The app aims to inform and facilitate separate collection. The application provides several services:

  • Reports where citizens can communicate the presence of abandoned waste, illegal landfills or full bins.
  • Bulky waste collection booking.
  • A guide to separate waste collection through a search engine to find out how to correctly dispose of any type of waste.
  • Collection calendar to know the days in which the various materials are collected in a street.
  • Research Recycling to find the nearest ecological island and the path to reach it.

AMSA has a home collection service thanks to a subscription of € 150 per year.

Video: in Milan 2014 (October 2020).