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Japan, 20 GW geothermal energy

According to a government report, Japan has a geothermal potential of 20 GW. Currently, the country has 17 geothermal systems for a total capacity of 535 MW. The eighteenth plant a geothermal energy it is already under construction in Fukushima prefecture, right where the old one stood nuclear power plant.

According to estimates, as of 2016 there could be 24.9 GW of clean energy coming from photovoltaic ed wind power. That's not all, a good chunk of geothermal energy it could be obtained from the mountainous area of ​​Kokutei Kurikoma Koen where a large energy source has been identified, the only drawback is that it is an area where a national monument stands. An inconvenience that can be overlooked given that Japan had to give up 30% of its electricity by closing many nuclear plants.

According to the International Association forGeothermal energy, Japan ranks third among the countries with the greatest potential. It is only behind Indonesia and the United States. If you look at the ranking ofelectricity produced by geothermal systems, however, Japan barely enters the top ten with a decent eighth place. The geothermal sources they are there but they are not exploited. Thus Japan hopes to resolve its energy crisis by relying on the construction of new ones geothermal systems.

In 2012 alone, the Japanese state allocated 9 billion ¥, equivalent to about 100 million euros to launch the preliminary investigations for the development of geothermal systems. For 2013, the government intends to allocate ¥ 7.5 billion to understand how to make the most ofgeothermal energy of the territory. To this budget there is to be added the fund intended for "geothermal developers"Which for 2012 amounts to ¥ 6 billion and increases are expected for 2013.

The electricity obtained fromgeothermal energy could be the keystone of Japan, to initiate the first development plans are precisely the companies that until recently invested in fossil fuels.

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