Energy saving

The precious green contribution of printers and multifunction devices

When MFPs and printers are green electricity bill it is lighter, less paper is consumed, consumables last longer and the environment also benefits from it because the CO emissions (even printers pollute) are lower. If this is important for an office, think of a company with a large fleet of devices: the savings generated by one greener management of company prints it can reach truly unthinkable figures, especially for those who have never asked the question.

Fortunately, today the manufacturers of printing devices have understood the importance of sustainability as a competitive lever and have invested heavily in research and development of more efficient, cost-effective and less polluting machines also with regard to construction materials.

The latest green innovation in the sector comes from the Japanese Kyocera, which with its new 5 models FS-2100DN, FS-2100D, FS-4100DN, FS-4200DN and FS-4300DN, presents low TEC value (Typical Electricity Consumption) and the cost per page more content in their class, thanks to the adoption of green technology and long-lasting consumables.

The TEC value of the new printer family Kyocera is 30% lower than the previous range, thus lightening not only companies' electricity bills, but also reducing CO emissions. The new 500,000-page drum guarantees printers Kyocera the lowest cost per page in their class, a decisive element when print volumes are high.

Also privacy and security these are important aspects when it comes to printing, especially in certain areas. For this reason the new printers presented by Kyocera are all equipped with the function private printing as standard and to further raise the safety threshold it is possible to adopt (as an option) a Card Authentication Kit.

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