TSP gateway. No more queues for TPL subscriptions

Top up your public transport season ticket at ATMs or with home banking? TSP, with the technology of "Gateway”Made it possible, fast and easy, but also safe. In Milan, with ATM since 2012 it is a reality, and it is so convenient that Parma, Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Forlì, Cesena, Rimini, Ravenna and Turin have also adopted this service. Less queues, safety, no time, time and place limits: one less excuse not to use public transport. Meanwhile, Francesco Orlandini, CEO of TSP (SIA Group), tells us that "we are also investing in the mobile channel so that we can soon use the mobile phone, thus making the current service even more flexible".

TSP is among the sponsors of MobilityTech Milan 2012, scheduled for 22 and 23 October.

1) In the best of situations, today what are all the possible ways to renew the public transport season ticket?

We have created the service of top-up of subscriptions for Local Public Transport Companies by accessing the web portal of a bank or by going to an ATM: this allows the user to renew their subscription from the comfort of their own home or at the nearest ATM. Today, in fact, users are asking to use services without time constraints, without queuing up and through the payment instruments most convenient for them.

2) How long have you introduced the “Gateway”?

The "Gateway"Is a technologically advanced infrastructure that enables multi-channel payments for various services such as top-ups for privative and banking prepaid products, travel tickets, payment of households, bills, fines, rights and taxes through a variety of channels, including large retailers, the tobacconist network, bank ATM terminals. The constantly evolving platform was launched for the first time in 2000 with the telephone top-up service.

3) What are the advantages for public transport users?

This service effectively eliminates the double queue: on the one hand I avoid going to the bank to withdraw the money I will need to pay for the subscription, on the other hand I avoid going to the ticket office facing the long waits in traditional renewal periods. This also allows non-holders to recharge the title when they want and using the most convenient payment tool, such as the mother who can renew her child's subscription from home.

4) What are the payment services most appreciated by users? Which ones are less? Why do you think?

The most popular services are those available when, where and how you want. In fact, more and more citizens are using all our services for paying bills, taxes and recharging telephone and private cards, going to one of the more than 180,000 access points available nationwide among banks, tobacconists and large-scale distribution.

The contactless is a further enabling factor for our network: for this reason, in collaboration with some transport companies, we are also studying some mobile ticketing solutions that allow payment, recharging and subsequent validation of the ticket with the mobile phone using the NFC technology.

On the other hand, services that are not widespread and that bind the customer are less and less appreciated. I am thinking, for example, of the purchase of recharges at the authorized resale, often characterized by a strong influx of people, especially at certain times and open only at certain times.

5) What experience did you develop in Milan?

In early 2012, too ATM Milan, in collaboration with Unicredit, has chosen to use theTSP's innovative multi-channel Gateway technology platform which allows annual, monthly or weekly subscriptions to be renewed at the 543 UniCredit ATMs and multifunction kiosks in the city and province, a total of over 1,100 in Lombardy. The service represents a record in Italy as an integrated metro and surface transport system for 1 million ATM cardholders.

All holders of ATM cards of any credit institution can use them, through a guided procedure similar to the one used for mobile phone top-ups. All this is made possible thanks to ours Gateway which also manages financial and reporting flows.

6) In which other cities have you introduced this type of service? With what differences?

The top-up service through the ATM is also active in Emilia Romagna, in the cities of Bologna, Forlì, Cesena, Rimini, Ravenna and Parma, for users in possession of MiMuovo card and was also launched in Turin last summer. The differences between the various cities are minimal. Our network is nationwide, so every time we launch a new service we must make it as standard as possible and also easily reusable so as to simplify its launch and release: in fact, this is the only way to create an economically sustainable model.

All implementations, except for some necessary customization, are similar to each other and require the use of the same national and local credit institutions that adhere to the initiative by making their ATMs and possibly their own home banking portal available.

7) What relationship do you have with local public transport administrations and companies? What obstacles do you encounter in offering this service?

Companies see in TSP a reliable, independent and secure technological partner able to accompany them on the path of innovation and simplification of their services aimed at citizens, expanding the offer of sales and payment channels. This is why we are also investing in the mobile channel with solutions dedicated to transport companies that allow their customers to use a highly widespread and personal tool such as the mobile phone in order to make the current service even more flexible.

Interview byMarta Abbà

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