Organic food

Organic, zero km and solidarity shopping at Whirlpool

The counter of organic products inside the Whirlpool headquarters

Organic products, kilometer 0 is solidarity expense. Employees of the European Operations Center Whirlpool of Comerio (Varese) have managed to make these three things a rule in a way so simple that one would almost imitate them: every week (Thursday to be exact) they shop with products from a nearby (organic) farm which employs people with social integration difficulties. The employees of Whirlpool, a multinational household appliance, are thus able to eat healthy, not pollute and help those in need.

The appointment is at the farm's fruit and vegetable counter "The Blueberry”, Managed by the boys of the center Gulliver of Varese involved, among other things, in the project Ricominciamo dalla terra. "Among our projects for people with social integration difficulties, Ricominciamo dal terra is the one that leverages work in contact with nature to find oneself", he explained Giorgio Stabilini by Gulliver.

Gulliver has acquired a farm where four people work continuously and where about twenty young people who have already spent a period in the community alternate: the fruits of this work, conducted according to the methods of organic cultivation, are collected and sold on the same day at prices below market prices. The initiative, in its first weeks, met with such great success at Whirlpool that it ran out of goods almost every time; to the point that the company is thinking of doubling the afternoons spent at the stall within its spaces.

"This initiative is consistent with what we have already done for the well-being and health of employees in the Health Works program, with courses on nutrition, cooking culture and home gardening, and with the farmers market in the Cassinetta factory in Biandronno. Here an important social implication is added because we support a center like Gulliver committed to the reintegration of people with disabilities. It is the demonstration of how a virtuous circle can be triggered on the territory starting from the needs of each one: of the consumers, who have a better product at an advantageous price, and of the young people of the Gulliver center, who see the efforts of their work recognized ", he has declared Giuseppe Geneletti, Whirlpool's director of corporate communications and learning & development.

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