Sabaf: natural symbiosis in the kitchen

There symbiosis is one of the dynamic phases of evolutionary life: it can be understood from the original meaning of the word - from the Greek συν = together and βιος = life - that is "Life in common". There symbiosis in nature it is in fact a stable and closely integrated association between two organisms of which one, called host, constitutes the habitat of the other: the whole of the two is called symbiont and brings mutual benefits to both actors. The concept applies to living beings but also to objects, for example one gas kitchen and his components.

For this reason Sabaf, world leader in the production of components for gas cookers, chose the word symbiosis as the key word of its latest communication campaign. Logical after all: a company like Sabaf that creates components needs appliance manufacturers as much as manufacturers need highly technological components to guarantee the final customer a reliable and competitive finished product.

In the metaphor used in the campaign, the visual dedicated to the animal world is linked to the strategy started in the past by Sabaf, but this time is associated with a headline that underlines an element of emotional discontinuity given by the temporal contingency: to face the crisis, to have more attractive force or greater ability to defend oneself, Unity is strength, together we can achieve a synergy of individual efforts.

Unity is strength in nature as in business. Just as the actinia hosts the smallest clown fish, as the rhinoceros hosts the bufaga, the flower hosts the bee ... so the stove and the kitchen host the burner, the tap, the thermostat, the hinge and other components in a technical and aesthetic symbiotic balance. The advantage is, for both, greater strength on the markets.

Video: The Oceans Symbiotic Relationships (October 2020).