Energy saving

Sustainable lighting for the Venice Museums

The facade of the Doge's Palace in Venice

Palazzo Ducale, Museo Correr, the Natural History Museum and Palazzo Mocenigo (Study Center for the History of Textiles and Costumes) are the first environments involved in the project aimed at sustainability in the lighting of works of art, buildings and historical monuments managed by Venice Civic Museums Foundation. An element, that of lighting, that the Foundation considers fundamental in the enhancement of spaces dedicated to art in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Venice is a symbolic city of Italian art all over the world and the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia has made the commitment to manage its prestigious treasures and its architectural beauties in line with the most current international trends, to offer visitors that every year reach the city from all over the world with new emotions thanks to a new light for art. Technological partner of this project linked tosustainable lighting is Philips.

The Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia has chosen Philips for the construction of the new ones lighting projects for the expertise in cutting-edge solutions and because it is a global leader in the world of light. Philips is particularly advanced in the 'revolution' of the industrial sector with the progressive spread of LED both in the domestic and professional sectors.

LED lighting allows a energy saving 85% compared to traditional solutions and can therefore offer an immediate solution to global energy problems. The LED sources have a long life, allowing you to minimize maintenance and lamp replacement. Through the use of the new LED solutions, the energy system of the museums of the Venice Civic Museums Foundation affected by the new ones lighting projects it will become more efficient, with a saving of about 30% in energy consumption.

"We would like to thank Philips for having identified a partner with whom to collaborate in the Venice Civic Museums Foundation with a view to sustainable lighting and at the same time highly valuing some pearls of our museum system, Palazzo Ducale, the Correr Museum, the Natural History Museum and Palazzo Mocenigo " he has declared Walter Hartsarich, President of the Civic Museums Foundation of Venice. "The Foundation has always been sensitive to the issues of sustainability and energy saving and lighting is one of the crucial factors. We hope to develop other projects in this direction in the future ”.

More specifically, the loggias and the portico of the Doge's Palace will be illuminated by LED fixtures of high chromatic quality and compact dimensions that will allow its use on architectural components. The courtyard of the Natural History Museum will be enhanced thanks to ground recessed LED luminaires. The lighting of the historical garments in the rooms of Palazzo Mocenigo will exploit the miniaturization of the reflectors together with traditional Fresnel lenses, for an exceptional enhancement and protection of the texture of the fabrics.

Finally, the lighting solutions for the offices of the Correr Museum will fully replace the traditional fluorescent ones, creating a working environment of high quality and visual usability and allowing considerable savings in energy and maintenance terms, with a reliability of 25 years of life. And again, the LED bulbs, which will replace a vast park of traditional incandescent sources, with a saving of 70-80% and an average life ten times higher: from decorative lamps for the typical Venetian counterparts, to halogen with reflector in commercials and display cases.

Video: The Gallery Lighting System (October 2020).