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Med in Italy, on the podium of the Solar Decathlon 2012

In Solar Decathlon, the Olympics of sustainable architecture, the all-Italian ecological house Med in Italy wins third place, preceded by the projects of France and Spain. In the world competition held in Spain from 13 to 30 September, MED in Italy was the first entirely Italian project to be admitted to the Solar Decathlon.

After having also obtained the gold medal in the special ranking of the sustainability, silver in electronics and bronze in communication, earns a deserved third place in the final standings, overtaking Germany, leader ofgreen architecture in Europe.

The well-deserved success is the result of the commitment of architects and researchers from the three universities who developed the project: the universities of Rome TRE, La Sapienza of Rome and the Free University of Bolzano. MED in Italy has always been in pole position among the 18 projects from all over the world, it was a continuous alternation at the top of the ranking with the French, Spanish and German manufacturers.

In the competition the following were evaluated: energy balance, environmental comfort, functioning of household appliances, architectural characteristics and means of transport used for transport in Spain. MED in Italy is an energetically passive house and of class A and was designed so that it can produce six times the energy needed by those who will live inside. The energy surplus it will be used to power six homes.

MED in Italy it takes just two days and is assembled in eight days, as was the case in Madrid, on the occasion of the competition. This feature makes it particularly suitable for emergency occasions. It is no coincidence that the ease of assembly impressed the jury of Solar Decathlon.

MED in Italy it is equipped with both photovoltaic panels and a rainwater collection system to be used for the maintenance of plants placed on the veranda. Among the 18 prototypes presented at Solar Decathlon Europe 2012, MED in Italy was the only one to be transported by train, preventing five loaded trucks from traveling 4,000 kilometers from Bolzano to Madrid. This operation resulted in a saving of about 5 tons of CO2.
Good Italy, this victory fills us with pride!

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