Nissan Evalia

There Nissan presented a new one electric car seven-seater. Its debut took place on the occasion of the Paris Motor Show. The car Nissan Evalia, given its size, it can be considered to all intents and purposes an electric van. It could be a particularly appetizing tool for small business owners or for mothers who accompany numerous children to school.

The Electric van uses a transmission system like that of the Nissan Leaf. Charging times have been optimized to the maximum, the Japanese car manufacturer did not want to give precise estimates, it seems that the charging plugin allows you to reach 80% in just 30 minutes. In addition, with a capacity of 6 kW of energy on board, Nissan Evalia it could be a delicious dish for those who need to have a portable power source.

For small business owners looking to minimize their reliance on fossil fuels, the Evalia should be ideal, also because it would allow significant savings on fuel costs. There are no precise dates yet for the launch of the Nissan Evalia, the Japanese automaker is supposed to start spreading its electric van starting from the United States. A rather questionable choice given that in Europe, probably, it would find a market more ready to welcome electric vehicles of this kind.

No kind of forecasts even for the price. It is certain that with the market debut of the Nissan Evalia, a new battery will also be launched for the Nissan Leaf. Forecast consistent with one of the latest announcements from Nissan: from 2013 a new version of the Leaf will be on sale, theelectric car it will have greater autonomy and there will also be big news on the price. For more information on the Leaf version, electric car of 2013, click here.

Video: INI CAMPERVAN - Review Nissan Evalia (October 2020).