EcoSport, the electric bikes made in Italy

L'Aspes is an Italian company that produces hybrid scooters and electric bikes. If the price of one hybrid scooter is more than justified, that of electric bikes it may always be too high. Let's see that together electric bikes offers Aspes, prices and their characteristics.

There electric bicycle proposed by the Italian company Aspes is called EcoSport and is available in the Lady and Man variant, respectively, one electric bicycle for girls and boys. Both models have aluminum frame and come with a rather classic design. Companies often propose electric bikes more powerful design but this is not the case.


With EcoSport the batteries are seamlessly integrated into the frame and the assisted traction is guaranteed by the compact high-speed motor, without brushes and by a power of 36V (250W). The battery, although integrated into the frame, is removable. It uses lithium-ion technology and is 9Ah (36V). The controls are electronic, there are on-board sensors with a speed of 12 magnets. Do not miss the classic fork with double shock absorber.

The electric bikes they offer a nine-speed gearbox and both feature LED rear and front lights. There electric bicycle weighs 21 kg, a very good weight considering the assisted pedaling, 530 mm frame and 28 "wheels. The only drawback is the price: 1,850 euros. Many of you will wonder if it is worth buying a means of transport that, after all, works with pedals!

It works with pedals because it can be used as tractional bicycle but actually, when you buy one electric bicycle you buy a vehicle capable of dominating city routes and guaranteeing travel even at medium-long distances. In addition, the EcoSport electric bikes were born as off-road vehicles, so they can boast of enclosing four types of bicycles in one and sporting aautonomy 40 kilometers long!


When you decide to buy an electric bike, the choice must be made according to your needs, just like for the purchase of any other product! What you can keep in mind is that it is a perfect way to get around urban environments, which does not require insurance and can access pedestrian areas without having to pay any tolls. One thing is certain: after the initial expense, the electric bicycle can only offer you savings!

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