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How to produce electricity with water

Electricity can be generated with the combustion of gas, with oil or through renewable sources such as wind, sun, etc. But there is also another energy source, a natural and clean source, with which you can produces electricity: the water.

Tides, waves, sea currents can satisfy man's energy needs in different ways. The systems that currently use water to produce electricity are hydroelectric, geothermal and the most advanced, the wave motion system.

How to produce electricity with water. Hydroelectric system
Hydroelectricity is a method of producing electricity linked to the resource of water and is used all over the world thanks to the construction of dams.

For produce electricity in a hydroelectric plant it is necessary to convey the water to the loading tank located at the upper level: from here, by means of penstocks, the water reaches the turbine located further down. L'water energy, passing through the turbine, it determines the rotation of the turbine impeller connected to the alternator, thus producing electricity. The electrical power obtained from a hydroelectric plant depends on the amount of water conveyed to the turbine, the height of the jump and the electrical efficiency of the generator.

How to produce electricity with water. Geothermal system
Geothermal energy consists in using the heat produced by the subsoil on the surface. The temperature increases by about 3 ° C every 100 meters of depth: in this case we speak of a geothermal gradient. If the subsoil temperature is high, above 150 ° C, the surface water can be used in the form of steam to power turbines and produce electricity. The mechanical energy of the turbine is finally transformed into electricity through an alternator system.

To feed the production of water vapor, cold water is often used in depth, this serves to keep the steam flow constant. In this way it is possible to make the turbines work at full capacity and produce heat continuously. To extract and use the heat trapped in the earth, it is necessary to identify the areas where it is concentrated: the reservoir or field geothermal.

Here is a project to produce electricity with home tap water.

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