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States General: the green words of Minister Clini

The green economy - said the Minister of the Environment Corrado Clini - it is the most appropriate tool for sustainable growth. The States General will be a significant opportunity to present Italy's green growth program at national level, an effective weapon to combat the crisis. In our country there are many potentials that must be brought out. In addition to the Development decree, we are finalizing other measures to help renewable energy, thanks also to the contribution of the Regions and local autonomies. As a Ministry we are committed to finding the resources to support new technologies, to make our businesses more competitive, to protect water resources and to manage the soil efficiently ”.

These are the words of the Minister at the end of the first phase of consultation of the States General of the Green Economy which was attended by thousands of technicians and professionals. Numerous innovative proposals also emerged during the 8 Programmatic Assemblies focused on issues identified as strategic for the development of a green economy in Italy.

The appointment is now in Rimini as part of Ecomondo-Key Energy, on 7 and 8 November next, where a program for the development of a green economy will be presented as a contribution to getting Italy out of the crisis. The main objectives of the States General of the Green Economy, made up of the Ministry of the Environment and 39 business organizations green, there are three.

1. Giving life, in the year of United Nations World Conference Rio + 20 dedicated to the green economy, to a unitary national event of the numerous and diversified companies and business organizations related to economic activities with significant environmental value. with the ambition of promoting, together, a new general orientation of the Italian economy, a green economy, to open up new possibilities for long-lasting and sustainable development.

2. Launch, with the method of participatory processing, a programmatic platform for the development of a green economy that deepens the vision launched with the Manifesto for a sustainable future of Italy (, with particular reference to the role of a green economy to face the economic and ecological-climatic crises, through the analysis of positive potentials, obstacles, as well as the policies and measures necessary for the development of a first group of strategic sectors.

3. Finally, promote the reasons for the green economy in a meeting and discussion with the government, political forces, the business world and civil society.

To face the Italian recession - he said Edo Ronchi, President of the Foundation for Sustainable Development and of the Organizing Committee - ideas and initiatives are needed to innovate, convert, differentiate the production of goods and services to relaunch new development opportunities. The green economy is, particularly in Italy, one of the few concrete possibilities to open the doors to new perspectives. In order not to miss this train, a vision of the dynamics taking place on a global scale is necessary, because if you do not know where to go, you will never catch any favorable wind. It is also necessary to continuously encourage, without stops and second thoughts that fuel a climate of uncertainty, the development of strategic sectors from the diffusion of eco-innovation of our manufacturing productions to the development of recycling and green chemistry, from the development of renewable energies to energy saving, from agricultural supply chains of ecological quality to the means and systems for sustainable mobility ".

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