Get on board and win a Smart Electric

Do you want to win a Smart Electric? Then you have no time to waste, you have to participate in the competitionThe Millionth". The competition was launched by NTV and allows you to receive the Smart Eletric Drive or one of the 31 travel packages made available for contest.

There Smart Eletric Drive is the ecological version of the two-seater Smart vehicle. To win it you need much luck: the millionth passenger who will board the Leveret, the high speed train by NTV. The service, which started just five months ago, has attracted nearly a million travelers. The company expects to reach one millionth passenger during the period of October and he will be the one to win the Smart Electric.


Traveling by train is not alone sustainable but also convenient, especially if you think that, in October, those who buy a ticket for any destination will participate in the draw for a stay ItaloTour. What does the stay consist of? Two nights for two people in a four-star hotel in one of the cities reached by the Italo train. A great stroke of luck, perhaps by purchasing a return ticket for 24 euros, for the Florence - Bologna route, the lucky walker will win a stay or even a 'electric car.


Why a train Italo are you a friend of the environment?
Traveling on rails is sustainable and this is well known, the cars in circulation and also the cars are reduced harmful emissions. When it comes to trains, special attention must be paid toeco-design of the vehicle. In the case of Italo, the technology used aims to reduce the environmental impact from production, to putting on rails up to its recycling. For the construction of Italo trains 98% of recyclable materials: aluminum, steel, copper and glass.

Thanks to'eco-design implemented for the construction of Italo, the Leprotto train is 70 tons lighter than the competitors' trains. This means a drastic reduction of energy consumption about 10%. That's why Italo can offer high-speed technology with a energy saving annual rate of approximately 650,000 kWh over a distance of 500,000 km. Other measures have been taken to reduce noise pollution despite thehigh speed.

For sustainable travel you can buy yours "lucky" train ticket by accessing the official Italo portal.

Photo | Le Miss aboard Italo

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