How to limit soil pollution

L'soil pollution profoundly disrupts the chemical-physical and biological balance of the ecosystem which impoverishes it of organic matter. A polluted soil therefore becomes less productive and compromises the quality of the products so that it can be forbidden to any use. From the soil, pollutants pass to plants and from these to animals and humans and, last but not least, to water.

Illegal landfills, industrial waste water, agricultural use of chemicals, contamination by hydrocarbons, dioxins and precious metals do nothing but tangibly pollute the soil on which we live. Waste of all kinds is dumped in illegal landfills and hidden. There is no doubt we are killing the soil! A radical change in our habits can limit soil pollution. Here are some tips.

How to limit soil pollution
Every day we unknowingly contribute to soil pollution with some eco crimes that should be corrected. But what are the good rules to follow?

  • Engage with separate waste collection.
  • Never skimp on recycling materials.
  • Preferably use biodegradable containers. The accumulation of residues, such as plastic, requires many years or decades of degradation.
  • Limit the use of chemicals in agriculture and use only organic fertilizers. The products can be found in garden stores.
  • Counteracting air and water pollution, following an eco-friendly style.
  • Encourage the use of individual total oxidation purification plants or other types of similarly effective systems for the disposal of civil waste water.
  • Avoid the introduction of unauthorized waste into the environment.
  • Observe the laws for the disposal of harmful and toxic waste.
  • Don't throw away organic waste but keep it for compost. In this way, we will not only slow down the waste in landfills but it will benefit the health of the soil.

The importance of protecting the environment frompollution with provisions also of a legislative nature, they undoubtedly guarantee the defense of the ecosystem and public health.

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