Fulbright-BEST: starting with graduates and returning to entrepreneurs

It starts with graduates and returns entrepreneurs. After studying in the USA how are born and live innovative businesses. Here is the program in a nutshell Fulbright-BEST promoted byEmbassy of the United States of America aimed at young Italian graduates, preferably in science subjects. Present and collaborating in the initiative: Florence Incubator, University and Municipality of Florence, Tuscany Region.

L'Italian University it's excellent, mind you, and ours entrepreneurial fabric it is on average lively, even if poorly supported at the system level. However, the international scope is a bit lacking and today you can't do business if you don't look at the whole world. That's why perfecting your studies in the USA, after graduating in Italy, can give you that extra gear you need to do innovation and business. Especially if the subject of study is "doing business". The important thing is that after studying, you return to Italy, without leaving the green ideas (in the sense of good) in America.

Fulbright-BEST is a program promoted byEmbassy of the United States of America, born in 2006 with the aim of stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit as the engine of economic growth in Italy. The scholarships up for grabs are aimed at attending one academic year (8-10 months) at Universities in the United States offering Certificate, Diploma, Master or MBA Programs in Entrepreneurship.

Fulbright-BEST provides a grant of 35,000 dollars as a contribution to the coverage of university fees for course attendance and living expenses, and the reimbursement of travel expenses round trip between the place of residence of the fellow in Italy and the university in the United States up to a maximum of 1,500 euros. The actual number of scholarships will depend on the amount of funds from donations.

Presentation Thursday 27 September in Florence, from 2.30 pm to 5 pm, at the Le Murate Technological Park of piazza Madonna della Neve. The presence of the deputy mayor of Florence is expected, Dario Nardella, of Marco Bellandi of the University of Florence and Lorenzo Petretto, director of the Florence Incubator. Guest of honor and godmother of the initiative, Sarah C. Morrison, Consul General of the United States of America in Florence.

Those who wish to participate in the presentation can send confirmation: [email protected]

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