Bio Building

Techne Elios, the photovoltaic staircase

Respect for the environment leads many researchers to eco-sustainable designs that can help restore the delicate environmental balance. This need often combines aesthetics and functionality with great attention to the ecosystem.

It is with this perspective that it is born Techne Elios, the first staircase that provides in its structure a system for the exploitation ofsolar power. It is a technological innovation created by Fontanot and by a team of engineers from GreenergyTech srl, a company specializing in the use of renewable energy sources.

It is the first staircase made intechnopolymer, a particularly resistant plastic material able to replace metals. Inside the railing structure they integrate perfectly panels of silk-screened and tempered glass or in EnergyGlass photovoltaic glass which act at the same time as a lateral protection element and as a generator photovoltaic energy.

The photovoltaic glass panels are suitable for any section of the railing, in this way they can be positioned with the optimal orientation and avoid any shading areas caused by foreign bodies. There photovoltaic scale it can be adapted and applied according to the different needs of the user.

It is also customizable, so you can decide the color of the lighting, its intensity and the number of railing panels. With linear development balustrades exceeding 10m the plant Techne Elios it can be connected to the electricity grid and access government incentives on the energy account. Before mounting an external staircase I would advise you to think about it.

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