White week in the Hamburg ski resort

That of Hamburg-Wittenburg it is among the largest ski centers in Europe. There indoor ski resort is powered by clean energy thanks to a huge photovoltaic system set up on the roof of the entire building. There ski station German is preparing to welcome a large tourist incoming and is ready to satisfy its own energy requirements thanks to the solar modules that provide it with a total power of 3.6 MW. L'Alpicenter in Hamburg has an edge.

The winter sports center of the province of Hamburg-Wittenburg, in Germany, can boast theself-consumption of clean electricity drastically reducing energy costs, in addition, the shadow effect given by the installation of solar panels reduces the power required to run the cooling system.


The Ski Center is managed by the Dutch group Van der Valk and can boast an area of ​​30,000 square meters of snowy slopes. The photovoltaic system mounted on the roof of the ski station allows the structure to operate 365 days a year, using only theself-produced energy.

If you are a lover of winter sports and of nature, to know that it Hamburg-Wittenburg Ski Center it is completely independent from the public electricity grid, it cannot be missing from yours tourist destinations. In addition, the Van der Valk Group did not benefit from public subsidies for the renewable energy of Germany. To provide i solar moduleswas the Canadian Solar company and the project was planned and implemented by the company Dr. Metje Consulting.


The strategic application of solar modules has allowed the structure to reduce the energy load required by the cooling technology: the photovoltaic roof, set up in this way, reduces the temperature of the roof surface by 50% and therefore produces on the one hand clean energy and on the other it guarantees excellent energy efficiency.

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