670 million euros for Emilia Romagna

A Solidarity Fund to go and heal theeconomy of Emilia Romagna. After the disaster of 20 May it is necessary to provide shelters, rescue services and tools to protect the environmental assets and cultural heritage of the territory. The proposal comes from the European Commission: never has such a large sum of money allocated.

Following the earthquakes which hit Emilia Romagna and, to a lesser extent, Lombardy and Veneto, the European Commissioner for Regional Policy announced the proposal to allocate 670 million euros for Italy. When it comes to European Union Solidarity Fund (Fsue), 670 million euros is the highest sum ever allocated in the entire history of Europe.

In the note attached to the proposal, we read: "Is to cover the enormous costs of restoring essential infrastructure and providing housing and rescue services as well as protecting the cultural heritage of the region". Italy submitted an application for aid to access the Solidarity Fund on July 27, within ten weeks from the date on which the first damage occurred - the first earthquake occurred on May 20, 2012 -.

The local authorities have estimated direct damages of 13.3 billion euros, three billion more than the record damages recorded with the Aquila earthquake in 2009. The first phase will be to provide temporary accommodation to house the 43,000 displaced people. Approximately € 465 million is needed for this step and temporary housing will be available to displaced people for up to three years. THE rescue services have an estimated cost of 60 million euros and nearly 90 million euros are needed for repair the necessary infrastructure.

European support is essential for the inhabitants ofEmilia Romagna, it is necessary to restart thelocal economy and to do it you have to rebuild. L'Emilia Romagna has always been seen as a point of excellence for his industrial production, manufacturing and for the agricultural sector. In earthquake areas, now more than ever it is necessary to act and the Solidarity Fund it will be used to create employment and bring new life to the Region. This is also the opinion of MEP Salvatore Caronna who urges the streamlining of bureaucracy: "now all the bureaucratic procedures necessary to get the funds to the territory as soon as possible are implemented as soon as possible ”.

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