Skypump, the second renewable charging station

The second charging station for electric vehicles powered by one is born in Spain wind turbine. The second? Yes, because the first was installed here in Italy, it is located in Latina.

This Spanish is the new station Sanya Skypump, installed in Barcelona thanks to the collaboration between General Electric is Urban Green Energy. It is a compact wind generator, composed of vertical wind turbines and designed for the supply of electric energy in an urban setting. It integrates perfectly even in small spaces thanks to its small size: Sanya Skypump it is 12.80 meters high and does not use large blades like traditional wind turbines. These features allow easy installation of the generator in parking areas of shopping centers, offices or industrial districts, to provide for charging electric vehicles.

The system Skypump works in connection with the charger DuraStation realized by General Elettric, so it will be possible to recharge your vehicle thanks to the energy produced by the 4 K wind turbine plus that included in the column DuraStation. Other installations of Sanya Skypump they are already planned this year in the US and Australia at shopping centers, universities and near central areas. Thanks to Sanya Skypump the certainty is growing that the useful energy for one's car is available 100% from clean and renewable energy produced directly on site.

Another step forward in sustainable mobility, thanks to which it will be possible recharge the electric car not only through the sun, but also thanks to wind energy. It will undoubtedly serve to tangibly cover the handicaps still present in the production of energy for the use of electric vehicles.

Charles Elazar, Marketing Director of GE Energy Management Industrial Solutions in Europe, He says "Ge is launching a family of electric vehicle charging systems in Europe for home and commercial users that are easy to use, flexible to help make electric vehicles the practical everyday reality."

In this perspective, the General Elettric announced the purchase of 25,000 electric vehicles by 2015, to replace company cars and lease them to customers through their service company.

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