REgeneration: regenerated plastic snails on the Duomo

A simulation of the invasion of blue snails on the terrace of the Duomo

Fifty blue snails they will slowly climb the terraces of the Milan Cathedral. We will be able to see them at work from 8 to 13 October and it will be a hymn to slow life in the city that has never been slow; it will be an original initiative to raise funds for the restoration of the cathedral, and it will also be a green manifesto given that the snails in question are sculptures of regenerated plastic.

The installation REgeneration edited by Cracking Art Group - it is the first time a work of contemporary art on the largest religious building in the city - was designed with the aim of raising funds for the restoration of the Cathedral and in particular of its Spire Major, supporting the statue of the Madonnina. They actively collaborate Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo and theArtwork Association.

The idea involves placing the fifty snail-sculptures on the upper terrace of the Duomo: the sculptures are made as mentioned in regenerated plastic, they are 120 cm long, 55 cm wide, 87 cm high and weigh 13 kg each. The color chosen for the creation of the sculptures is blue, which in the iconographic tradition is the color of the Virgin's veil, a symbol of divine grace. Light blue also as a reference to the water of baptism, to which Catholicism links regeneration.

The eco-label "Second Life Plastic " ofInstitute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics (IPPR), among the main supporters of the initiative with UNIONPLAST, which guarantees in Italy the quality and traceability of the recovery and regeneration of plastic. The snails will carry it impressed in a clearly visible way.

So far the artistic part. The purpose of the initiative, however, is to raise funds for restoration. For this reason Cracking Art Group, in agreement with the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, has produced a second and limited series of one hundred multiples of snail-sculptures in a reduced format (55 cm x 40 cm x 3 kg in weight), always made in regenerated plastic.

The 100 multiples will be offered for sale at the (minimum) price of 1,000 euros each at the Glauco Cavaciuti Art Gallery of Milan, with the net proceeds always destined to the Veneranda Fabbrica as a contribution to fundraising for the restoration work in progress. Obviously, buyers will be able to offer a higher contribution, which will always go to the restoration of the Duomo.

On Monday 8 October, the day of the inauguration, also the chef Gualtiero Marchesi organized a fundraising dinner for the Duomo's main spire, another occasion in which it will be possible to purchase multiple snails. Professor's participation is announced at the dinner Philippe Daverio, a well-known art expert, who will talk about the Cathedral and the details (some little known) of its construction.

Of the Cracking Art Group they include: Renzo Nucara (1955 from Crema) Marco Veronese (1962 from Biella) Alex Angi (1965 from Cannes) Carlo Rizzetti (1969 from Brussels) Kicco (1969 from Biella) William Sweetlowe (1948 from Ostend).

Tourist climb to the terrace of the Milan Cathedral. It is possible every day from 9 to 21.30, last ascent 20.45. It costs 12 euros by lift, 7 euros on foot. Info: 02 72023375

Video: Regenerate (October 2020).