How to install a mini wind power plant

There are many ways to protect the environment and you can start by exploiting energy from sustainable sources and renewable. Wind power could be a valid alternative: it is minimally invasive, low noise and does not interfere with telecommunications.

It is not true that thewind power it is a prerogative of the great expanses and great parks! There are small plants that guarantee good architectural integration and that are able to provide adequate power for the needs of a small company without occupying a lot of surface. Here are some tips for install a wind power plant.

How to install a mini wind power plant. Choice of place
First of all, it is useful to know that the wind system can be used independently or be connected to the existing local network. The ideal would be to create hybrid systems, coupling the wind power with thephotovoltaic panels. Before deciding to install a wind generator you need to make some important assessments: presence and wind quality in the chosen place. In order to make unnecessary expenses, therefore check the wind speed which must be at least 3m / s through an anemometer or by contacting a local weather station.

The companies that have such devices on the market generally offer the measurement and monitoring service of the wind characteristics free of charge. Before proceeding, it is important to first inquire about the necessary administrative procedures and the possible existence of landscape constraints in the reference area. Then contact a qualified company to evaluate the characteristics of the site and the sizing of the system. Make sure of the quality and construction technologies of the generator in question.

How to install a mini wind power plant. The incentives
It is useful to know that even mini wind can access incentives like other renewable technologies by exploiting the "exchange on the spot" mechanism which allows the excess energy produced to be transferred to the electricity grid and taken when necessary. Plants up to 200 kw of power can also access a comprehensive rate which is equivalent to 30 euro cents for each kWh produced for a period of fifteen years.

How much does the mini wind farm cost?
Generally it is about 2,000 / 3,000 euros for systems between 10 and 20 kW. An investment that can be amortized quickly. Obviously, various factors affect: the electricity consumption of the user, the power of the system and the windiness of the place where the generator is installed.

Video: Mini Wind Turbine (October 2020).