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EcoFeed, liquid fertilizer

EcoFeed is a system of fertilization which uses natural materials for the production of a liquid fertilizer. It is a product made from compost and has been called "compost tea“, Literally compost tea. This liquid works like a classic fertilizer: helps plant growth and fights the onset of diseases. It is the device EcoFeed to produce the liquid fertilizer.


EcoFeed it consists of a basket where the gardener will have to introduce 8 kilograms of compost. A tank to be filled with water and an air pump that has the task of aerating the mixture. A little more than a day will be enough to transform the water in the tank into a natural liquid fertilizer. The device EcoFeed is equipped with a pump connected to the tank, just open a valve to irrigate, feed and protect the plants in your garden.

The ventilation system of EcoFeed it helps to set up an optimal environment for the production of beneficial microorganisms for your vegetation, as well as the filtration system has the task of removing the impurities present in tap water. Tap water often has elements that prevent or slow down the growth of microorganisms useful for garden plants, the filtration system will remove these elements, plus it is easy to assemble and replace.


EcoFeed it also has an "anti-drop" system so as to avoid that the most clumsy of green thumbs can dirty the house!

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