Like ice skating

How many of you have dreamed of spending a beautiful Sunday afternoon with family and friends, moving and sliding on a completely white track? The skating it is a sport suitable for everyone. In Italy there are many indoor facilities where you can skate on artificial ice. Why not look for one and try your hand at this beautiful discipline? There is no age to start learning! A few tips and tricks are enough.

Like ice skating. The suitable skates
For those who decide to approach this discipline, the first thing they must learn is the choice of skates. There are two types of shoes to choose according to your needs: the speed shoe and the ankle boots for figure skating. The speed shoe does not hold the ankle and has a much longer blade which allows for more energy in the push. The only drawback is that it becomes difficult to change direction or just turn around. Figure skating boots have rigid supports to support the ankle and have a shorter blade to facilitate movement and movement. They vary in models and prices, depending on the materials, the height of the heel, the quality and rigidity of the supports.

Like ice skating. Useful tips
In ankle boots, the blade has a serration on the front and often makes the mistake of using it thinking you can brake. It is highly not recommended for beginners! The serration is for jumping. Remember to sharpen the blade often as it tends to wear out, thus increasing the friction on the ice. This operation must always be carried out by expert hands. For those who go to the skating rink for the first time, it is advisable to use gloves: the blades of the skates are real, so they can cut or injure. In case of falls, do not worry, remember to put your hands on your chest and bring your head back as soon as you fall and get up as soon as possible.

For the first experiences it is advisable to get help from a friend remaining next to him during the skating. Alternatively, it is advisable to cling to the barrier on the sidelines and take turns with small steps to become familiar with the ice and with the skate. Once you have become familiar with it you will be able to join the group.

Before getting on the track it is important to do some stretching: the muscles used for skating are usually little used during daily life and therefore are not used to work. Do not underestimate the idea of ​​adequately protecting yourself with a pair of knee pads, since falls are very likely and it is never pleasant to peel your knees while sliding on the ice!

Video: Freestyle Ice Skating 1. Eindhoven (October 2020).