Wind power

DinoTails, the prehistoric wind farm

Take a step back in time to the era dominated by dinosaurs to create the new one wind turbine experimental. This is what inspired the designers of the Siemens! It is about DinoTails, literally "big tail", Name inspired by the aesthetics of the device. The new wind turbine it is based on the exoskeletal biology of the dinosaurs that have dominated our planet for millions of years.

The wind blades they are formed by a serration that recall the dorsal plates of the stegosaurus. The choice of prostheses would increase theturbine efficiency and would reduce noise pollution: its morphology makes the flow of air more fluid, reducing noise and alarms related to wind turbine syndrome.

After wind turbine largest in the world presented by Siemens, the company does not seem to hesitate in its approach with the wind and not even the reference to prehistory stops there. Another project is calledDinoShells and provides for application on wind turbineof snow shovel-like appendages.

The blades would be applied on the junction point of the main shaft of the turbine, this strategy would lead to an increase in production energy up to 1.5% compared to a traditional model. Also in this case, according to German scientists, these specific blades would allow to limit the turbulence caused by moving air, which is the main cause of noise.

At least, that's what they assure Siemens. This would be a leap forward in terms ofenergy yield and a large resolution for noise pollution. There Siemens it is already proceeding with the installation of dino-prostheses on the wind turbines of the parks already in operation in North Dakota. According to the technicians, the new wind turbines will go into operation by the end of the year.

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