At Green Banking school

There green economy it has multiple aspects. Next to biocase, atbiological agriculture, at social farms, to recycling, to sustainable mobility and everything that makes our life on the planet greener also needs a green economic fabric, with one green finance made by green banks who think green. We could indeed say that without the latter, the green and sustainable finance, all of the above becomes virtually impossible.

For the green finance and the Italian banking system there Green Business Executive School organized a course of Green Banking, a training course for the staff of large and small banks who consider economic and social value to be two aspects that are deeply connected in the challenges imposed by the market today.

The teachings of this Higher Education Course in Green Banking (now in its second edition) are aligned with the development of Italian and international markets and seek to combine academic knowledge and business practice to offer participants advanced and concrete tools. The goal is in fact to provide complete and concrete information that makes the experience immediately usable on the reference markets in which Italian banking companies operate. So that even the operators of the green economy take advantage of it.

As Professor explained Francesco Timpano, scientific coordinator of the course as well as professor of Economic Policy and director of the Department of Economic and Social Sciences of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Piacenza campus "The positive feedback we have already obtained with this course depends on the fact that it addresses the issues and developments of a new business at 360 degrees with significant potential for the banking sector, especially in such a difficult period as the current one ".

The Executive Green Banking Advanced Training Course kicks off on 5 October 2012 in Milan and is divided into classroom lectures for a total duration of 48 hours divided into 8 full-time days and a final Project Work. The course is held in partnership with theCatholic University of Sacred Heart and with Green Globe Banking, the only Italian Award in the sector ([email protected]).

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