Amsterdam by bike

Looking for new places to discover by bike? Amsterdam it is undoubtedly one of the first cities in the world to be equipped with a widespread network of cycle paths. A city made to measure bicycle, thanks to its flat configuration and well-marked cycle paths: it has about 22,000 km of cycle paths equipped with simple and efficient signage.

An ecological vehicle strongly rooted in the Dutch mentality. A few figures? 400,000 bikes for about 724,000 inhabitants! For the inhabitants, the bike is the most logical way to move and do their own chores, starting with the banker who goes to work with this means ecological. To Amsterdam almost all travel takes place in bike. It is no coincidence that a distance of a few kilometers can be covered more quickly by bicycle than by car! There are many galleries and paths reserved for bicycles, to encourage more and more people to use it. The parking lots have also been used in some parts of the city.

The town plan of the city provides the road for cars, a path for pedestrians and one for cyclistthe. In the cycle paths there are specific traffic lights for pedal vehicles as well as the symbol of a bike that indicates the direction of travel. In the highway code there are some rules to be observed: the prohibition to proceed side by side, to carry someone on the luggage rack, to drive the bike by hand in the pedestrian areas, the prohibition of access after indication of the road.

The cycle paths mandatory are marked with a round blue panel, with a white bicycle. The slopes optional are indicated with 'fietspad' or 'rijwielpad'. Small white panels with the bicycle red drawn indicate recommended itineraries. You can rent bikes in more than one hundred railway stations or take advantage of the widespread bike sharin. At each station many brochures with special routes and tours to do by bike accompanied by a guide. In summary, the best way to get to know Amsterdam is undoubtedly there bike.

Video: AMSTERDAM 2 HOURS Bicycle TOUR SERIOUSLY (October 2020).