Because electric vehicles pollute less

According to a comparative study carried out byUnipede (International Union of Producers and Distributors of Electricity) on behalf of the European Community, between the overall emissions of vehicles with traditional engines equipped with catalytic converters and those emitted in the power plant for the production of electricity for recharging electric vehicles, the CO₂ emissions of electric vehicles are nearly half of those of combustion vehicles.

Even the nitrogen oxide emissions, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds are significantly lower. Only the sulfur dioxide levels would be higher, but it should be noted that this is the only pollutant whose concentration level in the atmosphere is systematically lower than the permitted limits.

All this is important in light of the fact that, to date, emissions from transport are responsible for 12% of carbon dioxide emissions across the EU and 24% of global ones with a growth of 27% over the last 12 years. . Speaking of Italy, the situation is even more serious: the transport sector it is responsible for 32% of energy consumption and 30% of CO₂ emissions. It should be remembered that the EU has approved and expects a 20% reduction in CO₂ emissions by 2010.

With the problems of the Petroleum related to pollution and scarcity of raw materials, the spread of electric vehicles is set to increase. Also because at the same time the production of electricity from renewable sources (wind and solar) increases, making good quantities of clean energy available.

Meanwhile, the forecasts of Enexis (Dutch company of international reference in the sector of electricity connected to the automotive sector) say that after a period of pilot experimentation in many cities, we will witness the mass development of electric mobility from 2017. According to forecasts by Enexis it is foreseeable that there will be more of 7.7 million le charging columns installed in Europe by 2017.

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