Lifx, wifi lighting

The LIFX Labs center in San Francisco aims to reinvent the light bulbs with a financial project launched on Kickstarter. The LIFX project involves a led lamp to low energy consumption enabled for WiFi connection, the lamp is multicolor and can be controlled by an iPhone OS or Android portable device. There LIFX lamp it will be available in various models, perfect for working from home or for the office.

It is possible to finance the LIFX project and take one home WiFi lamp with $ 69. The lamp is managed with the iPhone or an Android smartphone, thanks to a dedicated application that can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. Through the application you can check the brightness, the hue, then the color of the lighting, the switching on and off. Furthermore, thanks to the “matches the beat” function, the lamp can work in correspondence with your favorite piece of music, playing on your smartphone.


LIFX offers unprecedented control, remote management is easy and intuitive, and allows you to reduce energy costs. The life span of this LED lamp can reach and exceed 25 years and will offer you an unparalleled lighting experience. With the automatic controls, the lighting of your home could follow a very specific trend that goes from sunrise to sunset. A big plus for the energy expenditure considering that conventional lamps usually oscillate from "on" to "off" without intermediate for situations of light scarcity.

If you are interested, a $ 5 or $ 10 international shipping fee will apply to the cost of Kickstarter.


Video: LIFX Alarm Setup - Takes One Minute (October 2020).