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More value to Made in Italy agri-food

New rules come from the European Parliament to guarantee the quality of agri-food products. Igp, Stg, Dop, bio ... these are just some of the brands recognized by the EU, with the new regulations protecting producers who will be able to promote the authenticity and reputation of their goods and also the consumers who can put more trust in the brand.

Among the various changes we see that theSTG label, for the Guaranteed Tradition Specialty, it can be applied to products that have been on the market for at least 30 years, and no longer for 25 years as up to now. The new regime STG will protect the methods of traditional production and the recipe. The new regulations give the manufacturer the opportunity to make the most of the territorial peculiarities of its assets agri-food. This is how other brands are introduced that can end up on the labels of mountain producers.

With the new legislation opens up a possibility that could come into force next year: we talk about labels for products coming from islands with a new scheme forlocal agriculture and direct selling. All factors that can declare the added value of details agri-food products. The key is to invest in the growing enhancement of typical local products and on a greater one consumer awareness about the real origin of what it buys.

Paolo De Castro, president of the Agriculture Commission, is satisfied with the new regulations for the enhancement of made in Italy food
"After the milk package -says De Castro- the regulation we voted on today is the second most important legislative measure that sees the European Parliament fully involved, thanks to the co-decision procedure, for agricultural legislation. On this occasion too, Parliament introduced significant and improving changes to the initial proposal. Let's think about the new rules to protect the certified products from usurpations, imitations and evocations, the so-called ex officio, to the possibility of indicating area brands on the label, to the safeguarding of Stg products, as in the case of Neapolitan pizza, to the optional indication of mountain agriculture product, without forget the work in defense of the extension of the list of products eligible for European certification, with the inclusion of some symbols of made in Italy like chocolate».

The only regret, for De Castro, “It is that Parliament has failed to convince the Council of the need to extend the production planning introduced for PDO cheeses to certified hams. A measure that we approved in the Agriculture Commission and on which we will continue to work to include it in the reform of the common agricultural policy ”.

Video: FAO Policy Series: Sustainable Agribusiness u0026 Food Value Chains (October 2020).