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Wooden house, building well and living better

Seven advantages have been identified in the build and live in one wooden house. The aesthetic aspect of the building is not limited by the material, on the contrary, thanks to specific projects, the eco-sustainable design will be able to satisfy even the most demanding. The thematic live in one wooden housewas addressed by the Stratex company with the division Living. The company wanted to highlight the combination Design-functionality and has identified seven advantages for humans and forenvironment, all attributable to the creation of wooden houses.


The seven benefits have been summarized in an ad hoc report demonstrating how Build Well can help us to Living Better with the right combination of functionality, sustainability and good design. The first place could not be missingeco-sustainability, followed by wholesomeness, from energy saving, from safety and other reasons that can be enclosed in a single term: practicality.

There Stratex aims to build wooden houses that can meet the standards of eco-sustainability using eco-compatible materials of controlled origin and certified performance. With this type of wooden houses we can also speak of widespread well-being. Healthiness is found in the breathable properties, in the creation of an environment protected from humidity and condensation and, above all, in the materials used capable of creating a healthy environment from the high gradient of living comfort.

There is also talk of energy saving because the modules used can boast excellent acoustic performance, even higher than regulatory standards. Not to mention thethermal insulation characteristic of the low thermal conductivity of wood. It has been estimated an energy gain of about 80% by managing to maintain a warm temperature in winter and cool in summer.

The Stratex homes are characterized by certification of the Energy rating of buildings: the Living division easily reaches class A by consuming less than 30 hwh / mqa and with the addition of technical devices it is possible to reach a consumption of less than 10 hwh / mqa. We talk about safety thanks to the resistance to seismic stresses and, do not forget that wood is by far the safest material, it is light and elastic and, in the event of a fire, the outermost layer prevents the fire from progressing inside.


The wooden houses they prove capable of satisfying all needs and also very practical: they are carefully pre-assembled and therefore you can have a new home in a few weeks.

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