How to paint the scooter

Given the very difficult times, not everyone can afford to paint their moped. Why not try your hand at DIY painting? It is not complicated: the right equipment and a lot of patience are essential.

How to paint the scooter. The preparation
Before paint the motor you need to prepare it! Get 600 water sandpaper and a rust inhibitor. Rub hard enough with sandpaper all over the frame, including the fork, removing all the previous color and rust. Once the sandpaper has been thoroughly passed all over, remove the footboard and the side guards to avoid dirtying them. After the sandpaper, take a dry cloth and with white spirit clean all the pieces from the remaining dust. To paint the motor you can use the compressor or spray cans.

How to paint the scooter with the spray can
Painting your own scooter with the spray can involves a very low cost. Generally, 4 cans are needed to paint the whole motor. The only disadvantage is that the paint in the can has no catalyst and this takes a long time before the paint dries.

Some care is needed: do not spray the paint from a distance of less than 25 cm and apply the color in horizontal movements from left to right, coming out with the paint outside the piece. After the first hand, wait half an hour and proceed with another and finally after another half hour with a third. After waiting at least 6 hours for the paint to dry, apply a coat of lacquer in the same way as the paint.

How to paint the scooter with the compressor
With the compressor the painting will be better but you need some experience in preparing the color. The application of the paint and the procedure is the same as for the can, but it would be appropriate before paint the motor to practice on scrap pieces or other pieces of plastic to learn how to dose color and movements. The compressor must be a minimum of 25 liters with 2 hp of power and the painting pressure must be from 2 to 4 atmospheres. Don't forget to add the catalyst (50% more than the paint) and the thinner (20% more than the paint) to the pure paint

How to paint the scooter. Useful tips
Before painting the scooter it is important to choose a suitable place for this job:

  • a place of acceptable size that must be closed on 3 sides and not too ventilated.
  • Use a disposable mask when painting.
  • Do not paint in dusty places or with any other type of dirt.