How to purify dirty water

"The filth spread in the waters implies the death of more people ... than those who die from all forms of violence, including wars", Says the United Nations Environment Program (Unep). Water is a precious commodity and should not be wasted! There are methods to make water drinkable and to purify it, why not take advantage of them?

How to purify water dirty with activated carbon filters
Surface water, more exposed to pollution, must necessarily be subjected to a purification treatment, unlike that of the groundwater, which only undergoes some treatments for precautionary purposes. Activated carbon filters: the water passes through nets that contain carbon granules through which organic compounds are removed, such as pesticides, which remain trapped in the granules.

How to purify dirty water with bactericides
Some bacteria may be present in the water, which can be removed by adding ozone which, being highly oxidizing, destroys bacteria and viruses. Chlorination also has a high bactericidal power. Sodium hypochlorite can be added, but it is milder and therefore recommended for waters that do not need a strong disinfection. Chlorine dioxide is more potent but can leave more traces of chlorites. Boiling water is also an effective method for making water drinkable.

How to purify water with UV rays
With the latest discoveries, it is now possible to purify water thanks to ultraviolet (UV) rays, as they are able to destroy the DNA of any living form. This method has the advantage of disinfecting the water without altering its taste in any way.

Even with thesolar power it is possible to purify the water!
Thanks to a water disinfection method called SODIS (SOlar water DISinfection) developed by the Swiss Eawag Institute (The Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology) it is possible to purify the water from any viruses or bacteria
SODIS is a transparent plastic bottle and using it is very simple.

What does it consist of?
Pour water free of solid residues into the bottle, close it and expose it to the sun, on a metal surface or even on the roof of a house, for a period of 6 hours. The SODIS system does not sterilizes the water but it makes the bacteria that cause diarrhea and other diseases harmless. SODIS has proved effective against many diseases, so much so that it is recognized by the World Health Organization as a valid method against the many communicable diseases fromnon-potable water.

How to purify dirty water. Useful tips
It is always good to analyze the tap water and then mount a possible filter. There are several filters on the market, but an important thing to do before purchasing is to inquire. Therefore always ask the shopkeeper if the model has already been on the market for some time. After assembly, make sure that the water is then perfectly purified.

Trust is good but control is better.

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