Freewheelin Bicibus

The latest democratic and republican conventions have been greener thanks to the pedal bus offered by Humana Inc, a company active in the field of human well-being. The two events were held in downtown Tampa and at Macklenburg County Park and Recreation in Charlotte. THE pedal bus they guaranteed a total of 2,583 races.

The pedal bus it's called Freewheelin and it started in 2007 as a corporate program for employees on the Louisville campus. As the political conventions have come to an end, everyone is hoping that the pedal bus may populate the streets of cities.


Humana Inc is a company based in Louisville, Kentucky. It offers a wide range of wellness services including health insurance and prevention. According to business experts the pedal bus it could really make a difference by offering a real opportunity for well-being for millions of people across the country.

Thanks to Freewheelin pedal bus almost 3,000 kilometers were covered in just eight days. Not bad for a bicibus which can carry up to eight people. Each ride was a small step towards a healthier lifestyle, a gesture that improves one's physical health as well as that of the community by reducing CO2 emissions released in urban traffic.


Video: FREEWHEELIN (October 2020).