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Development of renewables to overcome the climate challenge

To the development of renewable energy sources the sixth National Programmatic Assembly is dedicated, which will take place tomorrow 14 September in Rome, in preparation for States General of the Green Economy, the event, organized by the Ministry of the Environment and 39 green business organizations, which will take place on 7 and 8 November next in Rimini as part of Ecomondo.

The renewables are, together with energy efficiency, one of the main tools to face and overcome the challenge of climate changes. In 2010 in Italy about 10% of the gross final consumption of energy was met by renewable sources (about 13 Mtoe) and renewables already guarantee important advantages for the Italian energy sector not only in environmental terms, but also in terms of greater safety and less. spending on fossil fuels.

The States General of the Green Economy consist of 8 working groups each dedicated to the sectors identified as strategic for the development of the green economy in Italy: development of eco-innovation; development of eco-efficiency, renewability of materials and waste recycling; development of efficiency and energy saving; development of renewable energy sources; development of environmental services; development of sustainable mobility; development of ecological quality agricultural chains; development of sustainable finance and credit for the green economy:

The National Programmatic Assembly of the Working Group on the Development of Renewable Energy Sources will take place on Friday 14 September in Rome - 10 am - Hotel Quirinale, Via Nazionale, 7

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