Wind power

Wind turbine that produces electricity and heat

Can a generator provide both electricity and heat at the same time? At the tenth edition of International Energy Exhibition from the wind to the Rome Fair held on 5 September, the Tuscan company Aria s.r.l. presented Lucciola, the completely new wind turbine made in Italy which produces heat and electricity. Lucciola has a power of 50 KW and is able to recover thethermal energya thanks to a process of electricity conversion produced by the variable speed generator.

What makes this combination of wind energy ed thermal energy?
Through a heat pump mechanism patented by the Tuscan company, the heat created by the friction of the components is not dispersed in the air, but recovered directly. Running at full capacity it can give a higher total return than a normal one could produce wind turbine. Thanks to this recovery mechanism, another 10 thermal kw will be added to its 50 kW of maximum efficiency.

What does the added Kw mean in terms of savings?
10 thermal kw / hour are equivalent to the combustion of a liter of diesel, so at full capacity this wind turbine can save more than 6 tons of fuel per month with the heat pump alone. During the edition, the most important perspectives in the field ofwind energy.

It is undoubtedly a rapidly growing sector thanks to competitiveness, convenience, the potential to generate new ones jobs. But not only that, thanks to the wind there are many environmental benefits thanks to the significant reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

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