Chinese photovoltaic, anti-dumping investigation begins

The tug-of-war between Europe and China continues. We had already talked about the probable introduction of customs taxes on the import of solar panels from China, the suspicion is that of unfair competition. According to the agreements of the WTO, the companies producing solar panels they could not receive large subsidies from public funds, companies are suspected photovoltaic Chinese have violated this rule by receiving generous government funding.

The European Commission, after reflection lasting 90 days, has decided to launch aanti-dumping investigation against Chinese manufacturers of photovoltaic panels. Chinese companies dominate the European solar sector, leaving little room for local producers. The timing for the investigation is clear: within nine months of the start of the investigation, the European Commission will announce the conclusions.

Customs taxes for the import of Chinese photovoltaics
The outcome of the investigation could open up this opportunity. In any case, before proceeding with any measure, the European Commission will make an analysis in terms of cost-benefit. The leading Asian company, Suntech, has repeatedly stressed that the raw materials used for the production of solar panels they come in large quantities from European countries. Blocking the Chinese market would mean mutilating other Italian sectors. In addition, by hindering Chinese competition, the prices of the photovoltaic they will start to rise again, slowing down the spread of this clean energy.

The solar industry is based on a global and complex value chain, and would therefore be substantially and negatively affected by protectionist measures. There would be no winners but rather immeasurable damage and the loss of our fundamental goal of making solar a profitable and accessible energy source for all. In addition, such actions would significantly delay the emergence of a sustainable solar energy market without public support“Said Darren Thompson, managing director, Yingli Green Energy Europe GmbH.

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