Spread hotels to enhance the natural capital

The model ofwidespread hotel it can create an alliance between the Parks and the populations; the widespread hotels they must therefore be promoted and encouraged because they are among those environmental services that enhance the natural capital.

To say it is theProgrammatic Assembly Development of Environmental Services which met on 6 September in Rome in preparation for the States General of the Green Economy, the great appointment of 7 - 8 November in Rimini as part of Ecomondo.

The Parks, the Assembly shared, can contribute to development of the green economy. Conservation policies increase the natural heritage and only from a well-preserved heritage can added value arise.

Among the initiatives to create an enhancement of the Park's "assets" and local knowledge, there is a need, in particular, of a new welcome policy, with the creation of trails, rest areas, shelters, museums, places of observation of natural beauty and other services, thanks to which all the values โ€‹โ€‹of the territory are effectively networked in the new tourist offer.

In particular, the widespread hotels, that is, an organization of hospitality at local residences that sets the conditions for a more solid alliance between the institution and the resident populations, the true node of the success of the Parks.

In addition to the promotion of widespread hotels, L'eco-manual of use and maintenance of the natural capital drawn up by the working group on Environmental Services identifies some important points for the protection of the environment but also for a real and sustainable development of the economy.

  • Management of forest and woodland assets (one third of the national territory) according to i criteria of the green economy.
  • "Reuse" in place of "use"In the urban fabric to counter the land consumption which has reached the rate of 70 hectares per day.
  • Reduction ofwater footprint in the production of goods and services.

โ€œThe protection of natural capital and the balance of ecosystems - he said Roberto Coizet, coordinator of the working group- it is indispensable for both the environment and the economy. For this reason, it is important to make a share of national investments and the economy of the production system converge towards coordinated protection policies. In fact, a calibrated use of natural resources is necessary without compromising the possibility that these resources remain fully available in the future: for us this is the challenge of sustainability ".

Video: Natural Capital (October 2020).