Wind power

In Scotland, the largest offshore plant in the world

L'wind energy Scotland satisfies the electricity needs of a good portion of the population. However, Scotland is not satisfied and is preparing to carry out theoffshore wind farm largest in the world. The necessary investment will be 4.5 billion pounds.

The biggest offshore wind farm is being built off the north coast of Scotland. It will be the greatest offshore wind farm and will be able to meet the electricity needs of 40% of Scottish homes. The complex will be located off the coast of Caithness, 399 will be employed for its construction wind turbines which will occupy an area of ​​300 square kilometers.

With these figures, theCaithness wind farm will be 50% larger than the offshore wind farm of the London Array, off the coast of Kent. "The renewables industry is at a turning point. The possibility of installing offshore wind farms could be fully exploited if the government guaranteed a certain political stability, including through the Energy Account". The offshore wind farm off the coast of Scotland is the result of the commitment of Moray Offshore Renewables, the joint venture between the Spanish company Repsol oil and the Portuguese group EDP. An excellent union of forces given that the plant will cost more than five and a half billion euros.

Once activated, the project will be able to cut 4.5 million tons of CO2 annually. L'offshore plant it will be operational within the next eight years with a total capacity of 18 gigawatts.

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