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How to give economic value to environmental services

Development of Environmental Services is the theme of the fifth National programmatic Assembly in preparation of the States General of the Green Economy which will take place in Rimini on 7 and 8 November next as part of Ecomondo. The programmatic assembly will be held in Rome tomorrow, Thursday 6 September, at 10.00 at the Sala di Liegro of Palazzo Valentini, in via IV Novembre 119 / A.

THE environmental services they form the basis of the main activities carried out by contemporary civilizations and the patrimonial foundation of all our economies. But it is a heritage that from an economic point of view is largely invisible, due to the difficulty of attributing a specific value to natural capital.

This general underestimation of the services provided by ecosystems - underlined the coordinator of the working group Roberto Coizet it has produced a sort of distortion of political strategies, national and international, which has been aggravated in recent years. On the one hand, environmental failures have undergone a dizzying acceleration, with the risk of reaching irreversible breaking points in many cases. On the other hand, the social and economic costs of these failures have grown equally rapidly, contributing, together with the financial crisis, to the slowdown in development that has involved all world economies”.

The document that will be presented to the assembly, which we will talk about on ideegreen in the coming days, summarizes the services and values ​​offered by natural heritage, as well as some elements on protection policies and proposes six reflections for interventions in specific areas; these are project ideas where the planned activities benefit (including economic and employment) from the existence of natural resources, without in any way compromising quality and performance.

Video: Economic valuation of Ecosystem Services (October 2020).