How to recycle household waste

Do you want to fight the waste of natural resources, protecting the environment and promoting energy saving? You can do this by recycling the waste you generate every day at home. What to do? Here are some tips for recycling i domestic waste.

How to recycle household waste. Waste recovery
The recovery of recyclable household waste reduces the disposal of waste in landfills: the recycled materials will be reused or started to combustion for energy production. First of all, the waste must be separated from each other, distinguishing them between organic and non-organic ones.

What to differentiate?
Paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, medicines, household appliances, light bulbs, food can be recycled to allow the reuse of materials or some of its components.

How to recycle household waste. Foods
With food you can get an excellent natural fertilizer, the compost. Just buy a composter for organic waste: it is not very expensive, but you can also build your own with different materials.

This allows you to reduce the amount of unsorted waste by up to 30%, which would almost certainly end up in an incinerator. The compost it is useful for the garden and if you don't have one, how about a small green space on the balcony? Maybe if you've never thought about it, it might be time to create your own small garden.

How to recycle household waste. Ecogesti on recycling
Often there is a bad habit of throwing some waste in the toilet such as food, used coffee filters or worse, used oil which instead should be placed in special containers and disposed of specifically.

Did you know that only one liter of oil is enough to pollute a surface of 1 square km of water?
Do not forget to recycle expired drugs, there are special containers to prevent particular toxic products from ending up in nature. Before buying a new appliance, make sure the old one is recycled. At the time of purchase, retailers have the duty to provide for the recycling of the replaced product. The same is true with light bulbs: all dealers in the sector are authorized to take back used light bulbs.

Before throwing anything away, even a simple plastic bottle, why not try your hand at it recreational recycling?
On the web there are many sites that can advise you how to recycle an object into something nice. Also, do not throw away working things that you don't use, give them away or encourage their use second-hand. Don't forget, household waste is a resource for the environment.

Video: Earth Friendly Disposal of Household Waste (October 2020).