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Let's Clean the World 2012

Do you want to join the largest environmental initiative in the world? Just attend the appointment "Let's Clean the World 2012"To be held on September 28, 29, 30 throughout the country, even outside your home!

What is this initiative "Let's clean the world”?
Let's clean the world is a global initiative (it takes place simultaneously in over 120 countries around the globe), where Legambiente, since 1993, has assumed the role of organizing committee in Italy. Since then, every year, thousands of volunteers have shown that the environment is one of the priorities of Italians. An effort by many groups of environmental volunteers who collaborate with associations, committees and city administrations to make cities cleaner and more liveable.

The numbers of the last edition: 700,000 volunteer citizens participating, 1,700 participating municipalities and 2,200 school classes involved, 4,500 areas cleaned in 3 days, over 90,000 kits distributed for cleaning. Squares, parks and beaches throughout Italy, crowded with volunteers to make a concrete gesture and save thousands of Italian areas from decay and neglect.

Puliamo il Mondo is a moment of exchange and dialogue between local administrators and the community, a way to involve their employees or the students of a school. Legambiente offers every year some useful kits, adults or children, which will remain for the volunteers as a reminder of a day of commitment and fun.

Theadult kit includes a shopper bag, a hat with visor, a pair of rubber gloves, a pencil case, a booklet Let's Clean Up the World. The Baby kit instead it includes a bib, a hat with a visor, a pair of rubber gloves, a bookmark, a booklet Let's Clean Up the World. To get the kit you have to buy it through the site Legambiente, or make it yourself with a little creativity.

Do you have a company or a commercial activity?
You can argue “Let's Clean the World”By donating the cleaning kits to a school or a group of volunteers who are unable to purchase the kit. By requesting the useful cleaning material, you will have the possibility to deliver the package directly to the recipient of your choice. Your support will still allow you to give visibility to the company on Legambiente channels because you will have the possibility to publish the logo and the link of your website in the web circuit of Legambiente.

For more information go to the website Clean Up the World 2012. To join, you need to fill in the application form and send it by 14 September 2012 by e-mail that you will find on the website mentioned above. September 28, 29 and 30 will be 3 days to remember, three days to start a more sustainable future together. We thank in advance all the volunteers who will join this very important initiative.

Video: Lets Do It! World Cleanup 2012 video (October 2020).