Suntech introduces 300 watt solar panels

There Suntech is a world leader in the production of solar panels. Among its products, from today, can include a photovoltaic panel 300-watt. Perfect for powering commercial buildings or offices. The new solar module of the Suntech was baptized Ve-Series and consists of 72 solar cells.

The Solar Panel Ve-Series has received 1000V certification from UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a guarantee of stability and safety. Compared to its predecessor, the design is 10 millimeters thinner and 2.6 kilograms lighter. Thanks to the reduced spaces, packaging, costs and emissions for transport also decrease.

The module has been tested to withstand wind forces equivalent to 283 km / h or in technical terms, 3.8 kPa (3800 Pascal). Stress tests showed a resistance of up to 5,800 pascals.

Thanks to its features and certification UL 1000V, Suntech's 300W panel can be connected in longer series. For now the Suntech panel is available in Latin America and North America. It will soon be available in the rest of the United States and thanks to agreements with the company, the 300watt solar panel it will not be subject to tax for imports of solar cells produced in China.

There Suntech is a Chinese company, given the recent tug-of-war between European companies and the Chinese giant, no predictions can be made on how the product will perform on our market. Doubts also arise on the introduction of customs duties for imports of photovoltaic modules from China.

Photo | Suntech, San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 3

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