Eco-sustainable fashion design

With the fashion design not only an aesthetic message can be conveyed, but also a responsible behavior. And be successful with eco-sustainable products. It is the case of Essent’ial, a line of home and leisure accessories born from none other than the idea of ​​reusing warehouse waste from a printing press.

Albano Ghizzoni, creative mind and owner of Essential, explains his intuition as follows: "There sustainability it has become a need for everyone. With the fashion-design, Essent’ial meant: attention, we are destroying ourselves. So, instead of a plastic bowl, a cardboard one is better: perhaps less functional, but more eco-friendly ”.

There are so many Essential objects, each with its own personality, combining style, colors, materials and creativity: apparently formless paper, actually resistant, washable and elegant. The philosophy of made in Italy, i eco materials and the passion of the creators are probably the reason for a superior attention to detail.

Among the materials used in the Essential productions are: the cellulosic fiber, which represents the exemplary reuse of waste material resulting from the manufacturing process of the raw material (it looks like paper but is machine washable at 30 °); raffia paper, recycled and certified FSC, with which some seats are made, resistant and with a vintage look; and finally recycled cardboard in natural paste, used for the Scodella line and the Minimal line. Even the processing takes place respecting the environment.