Organic food

Igp, dop, stg, organic ... which brand do I choose?

Italian consumers want quality products, yes, but there is a lot of confusion; what is the quality? Consumers have different concepts, they don't know what choice to make and at the time of shopping they end up taking foreign products, yet Italy, when it comes to Quality, is the first nation in Europe with a total of 244 branded products dop, igt, stg. Not to mention new brands like the Fairtrade for fair trade products and the biological.

The brands mentioned in the title are European, both those of origin such as DOP (protected designation of origin), igp (Protected Geographical Indication) and stg (traditional specialty guaranteed) than the more recent ones in the trade fair and supportive and for derivative products biological. What interested you in the matter was a research by Eurobarometer, the European Community service that studies public opinion. The analysis was published in an 80-page dossier highlighting the opinion of citizens about the food safety, the quality of the food and the rural landscape.

From the dossier it is noted that two main factors are determined for choosing a food: quality and price. 47% of European consumers choose products for brand, trusting a company, without delving into the derivation, ingredients or production chain. Other consumers give more importance toorigin of food.

Even if the organic brand it was introduced only two years ago, it quickly became the most sought after and most famous. Only 14-15% of Europeans know the brand dop but the estimate rises dramatically when it comes to organic brand. The countries that give more importance toFair trade are those of Nod Europa while in Italy they rise below the average with 17%.

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