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From putting green to green economy with Ricoh

A green of the Royal Liverpool Golf Club

From the putting greens of the golf courses to the green economy. Here is an example of how sport and good corporate policies can help the planet. All tournament preparation and management Ricoh Women's British Open, scheduled from 13 to 16 September at Royal Golf Club of Liverpool, will take place under the banner of environmental sustainability. By the will (also this green) of Ricoh, one of the 6 companies in the world most committed to sustainability according to a recent one research by Deloitte.

Come on documentary processes (the impact of which will be minimized through the Ricoh Sustainability Optimization Program) at CO₂ emissions linked to all tournament activities (which will be compensated by carbon credits generated by clean energy projects), up to the involvement of the public and enthusiasts in the Green Initiative For Tomorrow (GIFT): nothing has been forgotten.

The Ricoh Women's British Open will see the biggest ones busy as in previous years champions of golf. In addition to making the preparatory phase and all documentary processes of the tournament green through its management systems, the sponsor Ricoh will propose a series of activities that will allow players and spectators to reduce their CO2 emissions.

Everyone will be invited to participate in the Green Initiative For Tomorrow (GIFT) committing to reduce its environmental impact. For each person who signs their commitment online or at the Spectator Village of the Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Ricoh and the Ricoh Women's British Open will plant a tree in Africa.

Javier Diez-Aguirre, Corporate Communications Director of Ricoh Europe, said: “The Ricoh Women's British Open is one of the most important events in golf. Every year we are positively impressed with the way players improve their techniques. This reflects the way we work with our clients. We work with companies around the world to jointly develop new ideas and best practices for improve document processes and allow them to operate more efficiently ”.

Video: Digital Green Economy. SMU Research (October 2020).