Wind power

Holonic Streetlamp, the wind and solar street lamp

The streetlights are off during the day, so why not take advantage of their continuous exposure to sunlight to accumulate the energy needed for night lighting? It seems easy to say but thesolar power hides a major drawback: winter has cloudy days and the hours of sunshine are limited, on the other hand a strong wind blows ... this is how theHolonic StreetLamp.

Thinking about it was the University of Seville, Spain, with its prototype of a bivalent street lamp. Holonic Streetlamp is the lamppost designed by María Jesús Ávilais that supports thesolar power that too wind power.

What is the innovative Holonic Streetlamp?
It looks like a common street lamp but is equipped with 2 minis solar panels and a small one wind turbine vertical axis. The captured energy is conveyed downwards, where two 12 volt lead-gel batteries are placed in an underground compartment. The LED lamp has a power of 3,520 lumens but the intensity of the light can be changed, and switching on and off programs can also be set. The duration of the LEDs is around 50,000 hours.

The mini-turbine withstands winds up to 140 km / h and withstands temperatures between -30 ° and 40 °. Eco friendly in every aspect: when the lamp has finished its life cycle, each component can be safely recycled.

Holonic StreetLamp is already a reality in Italy!
In Italy they are working on a similar project, the lamp post is called Generator. Simam is working on this project, in collaboration with the University of Marche and Bologna. Today a prototype is already in operation in the Faculty of Engineering in Merchigiana.

Video: How does a Street Light work? Solar LED Street Light (October 2020).